Annelise Atlas is an American interdisciplinary artist currently living in the Republic of Georgia. Atlas attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design until moving to Florida where she spent two years under a Master Printer studying traditional relief and intaglio printing techniques. Atlas graduated from the University of South Florida with a BFA and a minor in Art History and linguistics. Atlas travels full-time as a graphic designer  and painter.

My artistic practice generally begins with a loose scientific or philosophical concept which I refine through linguistic explorations. A linguistic companion accompanies each visual piece; the pair are developed in tandem, influencing and evolving alongside one another.
As I am a full-time traveler, I like to use unorthodox materials from the places I live to accomplish the work. As an outsider, this access to materials enables me to incorporate my experience of time and space into the work.(Some methods and materials include hand-sewing with local fibers, working on scavenged metal, sourcing local pigments and leathers, as well as employing digital and traditional western mediums as oil paint and charcoal.)